Who We Are

Body Shrine’s Mission

To provide a safe space for the AcroYoga community, act as a hub for community growth, contribute to the community at large, and to arrange progressive education with emphasis on safety, form, and strength/flexibility training to grow our students’ passion, abilities, communication, social interactions, and play.





Social Responsibility




Throughout all aspects of our operations, we try to keep sustainability in the forefront of all decision making.

All of our cleaning supplies, expendable items like toilet paper to coffee cups, and more are purchased specifically because they are compostable, recycled content, and more. All companies that we choose as our vendors also need to be environmentally and socially conscious in their business operations.


When we have students say that they’ve met some of their best friends here at Acro, or that the community has been there for them during tough times in their life, it makes us feel so happy to be able to cultivate such a supportive and loving family!